STEPS in overlaying

1. Replace all the "YOURUSERID" found in the code with your own USERID.

2. If there are images to upload (background, photos, etc.), you upload them at any image host at this point (examples of image hosts: imageshack, photobucket). Get the direct link and paste them on the appropriate place.

3. Enter the data you want to put inExample: Favorite Music: MUSICMUSICMUSICEdit it to become: Favorite Music: Rock and Roll!!

4. EDIT, EDIT, EDIT! No one can do the editing except you!!

5. Get yourself a chatbox at if you want to incorporate a chatbox in your profile.

6. If you want an mp3 player, make sure you have your mp3 URL's first and go here:

7. Go to the OVERLAY GENERATOR at and generate the code.8. Paste the generated code to your media box

1. Your USERIDThis could be found on the "Personalize your URL" box of your friendster homepage. Or you could try opening your profile using another account. There you'll see your user id at the address box of your browser.example: The numbers in green is your USERID.

2. Your CONTENTThese are the facts or data you want to put in your profile including your photo URLs




Before you start creating your own Friendster Layout:

You Must:

1. Learn and understand basic HTML Their are so many tutorials in the web that will teach you about HTML

2. Learn and understand basic CSS(Cascading style sheet).

3. Javascript a little bit.

4. Patience :)

You must have at least:

1. Macromedia Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage to easily apply WYSWIG(What You See Is What You Get) or to speed up your layout.

2. A photo editor or Picture editor Software like Adobe Photoshop or Coreldraw for creating your own background or button style.

3. Internet connection at least 384 kbps.


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